Rain Saar, partner 22 years of experience in advertising and founder of the company. Works in the agency as the Art Director. Kent Raju, partner 12 years of experience in advertising, author of book "The Trick" and "Lost Earth", a director and marketing trainer. Works in the agency as the Creative Director.

Kala Ruudus advertising agency

Our agency is established in 1997 as full service advertising agency. Although it might not be very long time for Central European market, in Estonia it means we were one of the firsts in business. By now, we are well known and trusted advertising agency in Estonian market, but considering our experiences abroad, we know we are useful all over the world.

We develop our services constantly as the market’s needs and technical possibilities change and the know-how of our people grow. Constantly thinking how to offer more to the clients than they expect, Kala Ruudus has grown from advertising agency to a unit providing very board specter of services in advertising and (motion)design field. Creative advertising in connection with the possibilities of new media gives us opportunity to offer powerful marketing support to the companies who care to take the maximum out of their marketing communication.

In addition to more usual marketing services we offer 3D and 2D graphics and animation for TV commercials, presentations, e-cards, user interface design and so on.
We also offer wide range of video services like corporate videos, viral marketing through YouTube and so much more.