Trükireklaam ja trükised Print Advertising in Estonia

If you need to advertise in Estonia or just want to outsource your advertising from Estonian advertising agency because of the beloved Nordic design-language, high quality and more affordable pricing, you’ve come to the right place.

For printed advertising in either newspapers, magazines, outdoor media, flyers or anything else, Kala Ruudus is the place to turn to. As well as for video marketing, TV spots and website design, that is! But for this page, let us concentrate on printed advertising.

Even at the times of digital marketing revolution where more and more of the marketing budget is taken by online campaigns, print media remains relevant. It has features that make it quite unique — the feeling you get when holding a thick and textured high-quality paper in your hand is unmached by any digital screen.

Outdoor advertising in Estonia

Sure, outdoor ads are not necessarily printed and can easily be video running on LED-screens. But more often than not it’s still static printed advertising. It’s big, it’s bold and large number of people pass by those outdoor mediums every single day.

Billboards and other mediums

For example, outdoor media ads are 6×3 m billboards next to big roads, citylights, bus station ad spaces, some trash bins and big frames put up on walls of buildings. Note that in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, you would need to pay advertisign tax for outdoor ads!

How Much Outdoor Ads Cost?

The price of the design is not something that depends on the size of the advertising. But the print production of the advertising does. It depends on the material of the advertisement and its size in square meters. Also, putting up the ads and taking them down after the campaign add some costs. Drop us a line and we’ll find the best locations for your outdoor campaigns in Estonia!


Advertising in Print Media

Print ads in newspapers and manazines are still relevant and give the brand a certain dignity and imagological value that is hard to imitate with other channels. Some niche magazines and special issues of newspapers allow you to target audiences with specific interests.

Trükised Veski Mati makaronitester

Printed Marketing Materials

Printed materials in interesting formats and shapes, special printing techniques like embossing, spot lacquer, limination and folio print in gold or silver allow the production of very exciting advertising solutions. So that people that get them in their hands won’t only appreciate the material at that time but will likely keep it and even show to others. Creating such, and more simple printed materials is part of our everyday business. We can show you off some amazing print ad solutions we have made and help you by creating something unique for your business!


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Logode tegemine ja firmagraafika
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Sündmuste korraldamine

E-card: Parliament of Estonia 2018

Krausberg logodisain

Identity design: Krausberg

Veski Mati makaronitester trüki erilahendus

Funny print ad: Veski Mati pasta-tester

Veebidisain ja veebiarendus

Web Design:

Radius Machining logodisain

Identity Design: Radius Machining

Exhibition Design: Polar Bears in Tallinn Zoo

Mündriku residents logodisain

Logo: Mündriku Residence

Explainer Video: The Energy Check

E-card: Parliament of Estonia

Explainer video: Climate Change Explained

TV Ad: Road Administration for Kids

Explainer Video: Football Ticketing System

Web Design: Folderit



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