advertising Business Gifts in Estonia

Business gifts are an important means of improving awareness of your brand, making it more memorable and to impress on business meetings. Business gifts are also perfect for remembering employees’, partners’ and clients’ anniversaries while also reminding your company to them.

Unique Business Gifts

Our ad agency has been known for dozens of years for its original ideas that are expressed in everything we do. Business gifts are no exception and our creativity and fast reaction is held in high regard with that service as well. If you need a unique business gift that is inspired by the recipient of the gift and your company in the such a way that usual business gift catalogues just can’t provide, contact us. The gift will be created on the desks of talented designers just for you.

Business Presents in Bulk

If you need more than one business gift, it’s not enought that it is custom-made in our agency, but we will need to involve some solutions that allow the production of tens, hundreds or thousands of business gifts. The tens and hundreds could be made semi-manually but sometimes it still makes sense to find something that is ready-made from a business gift catalogue. Be it a mug, a pen, a baseball cap, t-shirt or another apparel item or something else. Even with a ready-made present we help a lot — it can be quite a task to choose something relevant from thousands of options and add a smart connection to your brand with a clever slogan on it. We see such projects as one whole, always thinking how your brand fits on the gift, how the message would look like there and what it should be to make sense and have a clever point that make people smile or think.


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Logode tegemine ja firmagraafika
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Sündmuste korraldamine

E-card: Parliament of Estonia 2018

Krausberg logodisain

Identity design: Krausberg

Veski Mati makaronitester trüki erilahendus

Funny print ad: Veski Mati pasta-tester

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Web Design:

Radius Machining logodisain

Identity Design: Radius Machining

Exhibition Design: Polar Bears in Tallinn Zoo

Mündriku residents logodisain

Logo: Mündriku Residence

Explainer Video: The Energy Check

E-card: Parliament of Estonia

Explainer video: Climate Change Explained

TV Ad: Road Administration for Kids

Explainer Video: Football Ticketing System

Web Design: Folderit



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