veebiarendus ja veebilehtede tegemine Website Design, Development & Marketing in Estonia

Desigining and developing websites, making them highly visible in search engines (through SEO and SEM) and social media marketing is what we do with amazing results in Estonia and global markets. We offer web solutions from more simple websites to highly complicated online systems. From the first low-budget trials of online marketing to large-scale international online marketing campaigns. If you are looking for website design in Estonia or just web design companies in Estonia to help you out with our famous Nordic design language, let us know and you will be surpsised by how easy and enjoyable the whole experience is!

The same goes for digital marketing in Estonia or for the global audiences. Our fully certified and highly experienced digital marketing team is at your hand.


For the websites we create, we mostly use WordPress as the CMS platfrom but are quite capable to use Drupal or other platforms as well. We also offer custom PHP solutions.

Website Design & Development

When we start working on a web project, it all starts with mapping the requirements, and then we offer solutions that are more humane, more beautiful, more functional and probably more affordable that you hoped for. We put a great talent and care into how the websites look and who the code running it is written. Our standards are so hard to match that we have had competitors asking our help when in trouble with some technical nuances!

Web Design

Our web designs are thought-through, beautiful and functional. All websites we create are mobile friendly (responsive design) and Retina-ready to look amazingly sharp on the new Apple and other manufacturers’ high-density displays.

What Does Fron-End and Back-End Development Mean?

Front-end is the development the visitor of a website actually sees. The design that is made to work interactively. Technically, it’s the representation of the design with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other technoligies.

Back-end development is invisible in its own, but runs the whole show. It’s the work on the content management system (i.e. WordPress) for example.

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Search Engine Optimization in Estonia and Internationally

Search Engine Optimization or SEO means improving the value of you website in the eyes of Google, Bing and other search engines. This will improve your ranking in organic search results for the keywords you have chosen. SEO helps to increase your website’s traffic organically, with no media costs that usual campaigns have. The traffic is also very relevant to your business because it is targeting people who are actually looking for a business or product like yours.


Kala Ruudus offer both on-site SEO and off-site SEO.

Digital Marketing in Estonia and Abroad

We offer online marketing campaigns from concept, design, copywriting, audience targeting and ongoing campaign management. In social media, search engines, news portals and niche websites through banners, videos, articles and keywords.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in Estonia

Search Engine Marketing is enabled by Google’s and other search engines’ own marketing tools to bring your website to the spotlight. Google Ads is the most important of the bunch of course and our online marketing specialists are fully certified by Google to utilize those tools to the fullest.

Social Media Marketing in Tallinn, Estonia

We can use Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube campaigns to get great results while adding those to the marketing mix that includes other media channels too, or separately to increase your website’s traffic and conversions. Kala Ruudus was one of the first social media marketing agencies in Estonia, so we really understand what works and how. We are experienced in both campaigns that are targeting Estonia or international audiences in the EU, UK, USA, Asia and Africa. We can set up some one-time campaigns for you or take over the full management of your social media channels, including content production.

Digital Advertising Channels in Estonia

We can reach large audiences with the biggest news portals in Estonia — Delfi and Postimees. And we can also find some excellent niche websites that are highly relevant for your specific business. City24 and KV are the most important ones for any real estate companies in Estonia. Auto24 is the same for car companies. While is a great way to get people who are interested in a certain product to your web store. In addition to that, we work with different advertising networks. We really know what works best for your business in digital online marketing!

User Experience Design (UX) in Tallinn, Estonia

It is immensely important for us that the design solutions we provide are easy to understand and enjoyable to use for the end-user. That the solutions are functional, intuitive, logical and beautiful, of course. When designing websites or mobile applications we start with the user experience (UX) concept, thinking through the user’s path in detail and optimizing it to be the most efficient and intuitive.

iOS / Android and Desktop Application Design in Tallinn

We design and develop applications for iOS and Android mobile platforms but also Windows and Mac OS desktop platforms. We also design and develop web applications (Software-as-a-Service, SaaS) and help with their publishing and marketing.


Sündmuste korraldamine
Trükireklaamid ja trükised
Videote tootmine ja animatsioonid
Logode tegemine ja firmagraafika
Veebilehtede disain ja arendus

LITHME Augmented Reality

LITHME Virtual Reality

Explainer video: Emergence of Surface Forms

Explainer Video: New Rules of Flying Drones

Veebilehe kujundus

Web design/coding: AIRPA

Video installation: March deportation 70

Tänukingitus töötajale

Business gift: Net Group

Veebidisain: Tiigriorg

Web design: Tiigriorg

Veebidisain: Directory of Saas

Web Design: Directory of SaaS

Veebidisain: Hingele Pai

Web design: Hingele Pai

E-card: Parliament of Estonia 2018

Reklaamkingitus: Stokker

Business gift: Stokker

Nopri reklaam ajakirjas

Print ad: Nopri

Reklaam ajakirjas

Print ad: Books

Vertical arenduse logodisain

Logo design: Vertical

Marjamaa arenduse logodisain

Logo design: Marjamaa development

Logo design: La Rumbi restaurant

Reklaam bussidel: kui juhid, siis juhi

Ad on Bus: If you drive, then drive

Roll-up reklaamide disain ja tootmine

Roll-up ads

Roclite trükireklaamid

Outdoor ad and roll-up: Roclite

Veebidisain ja veebiarendus

Web Design:

Veebidisain ja arendus maandumisleht

Web design: If you drive, then drive

Välimeediareklaam Maanteeameti sotsiaalkampaania

Outdoor ad: Road Safety for Young People

Radius Machining logodisain

Identity Design: Radius Machining

Logode valmistamine EIHR

Logo design: Estonian Institute of Human Rights

Mündriku residents logodisain

Logo design: Mündriku Residence

Joogafestival logo

Logo design: Yoga festival

Veebiagentuur logo disainimine

Logo design: Fenomen

Veski Mati makaronitester trüki erilahendus

Funny print ad: Veski Mati pasta-tester

Logodisain Oru hotell

Logo design: Oru Hotel

elemental logo disain

Logo design: Elemental

Krausberg logodisain

Identity design: Krausberg

Exhibition Design: Polar Bears in Tallinn Zoo

Product video: Ella Hopfeldt

Explainer Video: The Energy Check

Explainer video: Climate Change Explained

Conference video clip: Human Rights in the Digital Age

E-card: Parliament of Estonia

TV Ad: Road Administration, distractive driving

TV Ad: Road Administration for Kids

Explainer Video: Football Ticketing System

Web Design: Folderit

Makettide valmistamine Autoekspert

Model: Autoekspert

makettide valmistamine - koostootmisjaam

Model: Koostootmisjaam

ürituskorraldus firmajuubel l

Event: Liisi Liising 20

konverentsi korraldamine noortekonverents

Event: Children and Young People conference



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